Dr. Jack Bui

Jack Bui, MD, PhD is interested in elucidating how immune cells can be manipulated to control tumor formation. His basic research uses both mouse models of cancer and samples from cancer patients. He is also involved clinically as the Director of the Stem Cell Processing Laboratory and the Flow Cytometry and Immunology Laboratory at the UCSD Clinical Laboratories. He has expertise in the immunophenotyping of immune subsets and in particular participates in multiple clinical trials where patient samples are analyzed for immune cell numbers and activity.

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About the Lab

Our research group consists of post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates. We are located in the Biomedical Sciences Building on the main UCSD campus in La Jolla. We utilize flow cytometry, cellular immune assays, mouse tumor transplantation, microarray technology, and video microscopy.

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Research Opportunities

We welcome graduate students interested in rotating in the lab. Please see the Biomedical Sciences website for descriptions of potential rotation projects.

We welcome post-doctoral fellows who have a strong interest and/or prior training in immunology or cancer biology. To apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory, please send the following information to Dr. Jack Bui:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • Names and contact information of 3 references
  • Why you are interested in the lab and your goals for a post-doctoral fellowship