Our Team

Jack Bui, MD, PhD

Jack received his PhD in 1999 working on T cell memory at UCSD in Steve Hedrick’s Lab. He received his MD in 2001 at UCSD and then entered a research residency program at Washington University. He worked with Robert Schreiber studying how innate cells and T-regulatory cells influence tumor formation. He is board-certified in Clinical Pathology and serves as Director of the UCSD Stem Cell Processing Laboratory and Flow Cytometry and Immunology Laboratory. His overall interest is in understanding immune recognition of uninfected, stress or damaged tissues, such as tumor cells and transplantable normal cells.

Allen Washington Jr, PhD

Junior recently achieved his PhD in the lab and has stayed on to do a post-doctoral fellowship. He has interest in the endogenous role of IL-17D in pathogen defense, wound-healing, and allergic responses.

Calvin Lee, MS

Calvin is a technician.

Preston Lee

Preston joined the lab in 2018 during his undergrad. He has been a graduate student in the BS/MS program studying the immune-stimulatory effects of tumor-derived exosomes. In particular, he focuses on MEK1 overexpression in exosomes as cancer immunotherapy. He hopes to continue forward gaining both knowledge in research and experience in the medical field.

Isabel Mejia

Isabel is currently a 4th year undergraduate majoring in General Biology. She joined the lab in Fall 2018. Her work in the lab has focused on creating reporter cell lines in hopes of elucidating novel activators of IL-17D. Additionally, she is also interested in how the experience of interferon affects cells. She is using the skills and knowledge she is learning in the Bui lab to prepare her for a PhD program.

Lindsey Nguyen

Lindsey is a 2nd year undergraduate studying Human Biology. She has been a member of the lab since Fall 2019. Currently she is studying the role of type I interferons in the development of stem-like cancer cells. She plans to pursue a medical degree in the future.

Khang Nguyen

Undergraduate researcher

Jarrod Yee

Undergraduate researcher

Melissa Ito

MS Candidate